What is telemedicine

The Center for Excellence in Dermatology & Novel Skin Solutions proudly offers Telemedicine appointments. They use a simple and secure technology to connect you to your medical provider when an in-person visit to the office isn’t possible. Most insurances, including Medicare, cover the cost of a Telemedicine appointment the same way they would an in-person appointment. Click the link below to see a full list of insurance providers and their coverage.

Tips for a good visit:

  • Pick a quiet room without pets or children. You can have a spouse, caregiver or parent handle the camera during the visit to see the hard-to-reach areas like the back, back of legs, or scalp.
  • Have lighting in front of you to light up the skin. Standing a few feet from a window with a lamp to the side is ideal. Leave the overhead lighting on. Avoid light sources behind you like a window or lamp.
  • Use your front facing camera and check how you look before the visit. Check the lighting on your phone as you do a selfie. Can you see the details on your face easily? Try different lighting setups to make sure you look good.
  • Hold the camera on your phone about 12 inches away from the skin. Try to hold the camera still and move it slowly.
  • Write down and review any important questions before the visit.
  • Do not switch between front and back cameras during the visit as it will cause an error and you will have to reconnect to the visit.
  • If you get disconnected just click on the link in the email to reconnect.